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What we do


Help with benefits and compensation

Our services include:

  • Help with Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit forms – This is a weekly allowance paid by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) if your asbestos related illness has been caused by your employment. This benefit is not payable for pleural plaques.

  • Help with Government Compensation Schemes. Everyone diagnosed with mesothelioma can claim a lump sum award

  • Advice on making a civil claim – either by using one of DAST’s panel of specialist solicitors or through a sufferer’s trade union.

We can visit those in need of help in their own home or in hospital. We will complete forms and deal with any queries in connection with your claims.

For more information on benefit claims contact Welfare Rights Adviser Natalie Woodward on


Events – for support, awareness raising and campaigning.

We bring families together by organising meetings, conferences and support events as well as providing newsletters to share information. We organise social events which allow people to meet and chat in a relaxed social setting.

We campaign to ensure victims of asbestos related disease receive justice. We are a founder member of the Asbestos Victims Support Groups Forum (UK) which comes together to fight for justice and best practice for victims of asbestos related diseases.

Every year we organise an event for ‘Action Mesothelioma Day’ a special day when we remember all those who have died or have been made ill by Mesothelioma. It is also a positive day which brings families together for a common cause whether that be fighting for justice, looking to the future for better diagnosis and treatment of Mesothelioma or campaigning for a World-Wide Ban!

Areas we cover
























We also hope to raise awareness about the dangers of exposure to asbestos with events similar to this, which may go some way to preventing future ill-health. In February 2012 we projected 125 names of victims of Mesothelioma in Derby and the East Midlands onto the iconic Derby Cathedral. In October 2013 we launched the house awareness project educating and raising awareness with home owners that their home may contain the deadly material. In 2016 we launched a project raising awareness of asbestos in schools. We have also received funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to develop the website and associated materials.

For more information on our campaigns and events, contact DAST Co-ordinator 

Jerry Hague at :

Thanks to an award from the Big Lottery DAST established a project to provide support to those who have been bereaved through an asbestos related disease.  The project provides an opportunity for those affected to reach out and support each other.


The project includes:

An information and support service – helping people to sort out benefit payments or directing to local counselling services
A telephone befriending scheme enabling the newly bereaved to talk to someone with first hand experience of their situation
Support Group meetings for bereaved families to share their experiences.
For more information on the bereavement support project, contact Jo Reeve on

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