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Get Involved

“Thank you so much for making the space available to use to meet such lovely people. Also for such a positive approach to life and equipping us with some extra tools to carry along the way”​


“Great to meet carers and find time to acknowledge where we are and begin to explore where we are going”


From feedback from our events, the one thing that stands out the most is that meeting other people in a similar situation is so important.​You can get involved with DAST by coming along to our meetings, events and meeting others. Our events are both informative and useful as well as an opportunity to have fun and socialise. You may also want to get involved in one of our befriending schemes and create an ongoing support and friendship by email, letter or telephone.​

If you are pleased with the support that DAST has provided you and want to raise awareness about the dangers of asbestos, why not tell your story to the local media? We can help you to put a press release together.

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